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New staple hair products!


After struggling to find hair products to keep my hair moisturized throughout the winter season, I have finally come across the perfect duo! Curl junkies Beauticurls leave-in conditioner and Beauty Assortment for the Sun Kissed Deluxe Hair Cream. They run about 20 dollars each (totally worth the price). Together these two work wonders on my 3C/4A hair!

After washing and conditioning my hair, I sectioned my hair into 6 parts and applied the Curl Junkie leave-in conditioner on my still damp hair. I then combed it through to evenly distribute the conditioner into my hair. I used the Deluxe hair cream to seal in the leave in, applying a dime size amount to each small section I intended on braiding.

Anyway after I took down my braids my hair felt so soft and moisturized. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair!  Three days later I am still wearing the same braid out, and it looks good. That’s a first for me, the picture below is a picture of my current hair.

I bought these natural hair products locally at Honey Fig, however if you do not reside in Toronto you’re not out of luck they have an online shop here is the link

I would recommend this two hair products to any one with thick and thirsty hair like myself.


Until next time,


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