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Love Stinks

Hello my lovelies!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, I know i did! It was super busy but i enjoyed every moment of it. I love getting together with family and friends I usually don’t get the opportunity to see. Not to mention attending multiple dinners (food makes me happy).

Anyhow last week I had the opportunity to work as a Hair stylist on a short film Directed by Alicia Harris called Love Stinks. It was a really great way to start my new year off. The film is part of the Ryerson University Film festival and will be showing in May of this year.

This film is a coming of age film that takes place in the 80’s, the hair was so fun to do. The 80’s is one of my favorite decades to do hair and makeup for. I  kind of felt like i was reliving my child hood.

I will post on my Facebook the dates of the film showing as soon as I know exactly when it is so if any of you are interested in watching it you can!

In the mean time feel free to follow the Instagram group for the film @lovestinks2016

Here are a few pictures from behind the scene


PhotoGrid_1452631285280 (1).jpg

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