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Top 6 ways to easily accentuate your eyes.

Just because half of our faces these days are covered by masks, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play up the other half of our faces.

From an industry professional standpoint eye makeup has always been my personal favourite and so much fun so here are some ways to for you to enhance your naturally beautiful eyes and brows for the rest of the world to admire!

  1. Skin prep + Concealor- Winter presents the issue of dry skin for many. Needless to say the emphasis on skin care becomes key to that healthy glow (yes you can totally have a winter glow!). Focus on hydration for your skin twice daily, including your under eye area which requires the use of a good eye cream followed by application of a serum and moisturizer. My tried and true are the C Radiance serum for my am skin. Nightly the best options are Advanced night repair eye and Night Haven moisturizer. After the skin prep apply concealer and your set!

  2. Focal point Brows- Brows are always a make or break for me, because they really can change a persons appearance drastically. Think about it, I feel like we all have that one bad brow experience that made us look and feel completely different. Anyway the key here to what I like to call statement brows is a good brow gel or serum, spoolie and brow pencil. For those of us that have super prominent brows I recommend using pears soap on a spoolie to frame and accentuate your brows.

  3. False Lashes- Falsies are a girls best friend! Literally the best way to look done up in a matter of minutes. Depending on the shape of your eyes and how much you want to accentuate them will determine the false lashes you choose. The best universal false lashes are Sovereign Beautee’s wispy lash. Once trimmed to your eye-shape are literally perfect and so low maintenance.

  4. Statement eyeshadow- With all of the many colours that eyeshadows are available in, I truly to believe their is a shade for everyone! Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be loud to be captivating and statement like. It can be very simple and quick as applying a shimmer stick, or a cream shadow in a earthy neutral tone. I tend to stick more towards creamer shadows in the winter. I really love Laura Mercier’s stick shadows.

  5. Flesh Toned Eyeliner- This is the ultimate cheat code for those of you who have zoom fatigue or are like me and just don’t sleep. This trick instantly brightens your under eye area and makes you look like you’ve had 8+ hours of sleep. I pair this with the 30 second Miracle anti wrinkle cream and honestly amazing would be un understatement of how good it looks! NARS larger then life eyeliner in flesh tone

  6. Lash serum+ Good Ol’ Mascara- Lash serum is great because it really builds your natural lashes over time, and it doesn’t take long to start seeing those results. You can always good ol’ mascara afterwards to show off your lustrous lashes. Benefit they’re real and Lash and brown serum Monat

  7. Winged Liner- A sure way to elongate eyes and create an alluring look. Eyeliner can be as simple or fancy as you like it to be. Not sure where to start? Check out my eyeliner tutorial here.

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